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Paddleboarding Accessories

Paddleboarding Accessories

Designer and manufacturer of aquatic sporting paddles, IDBF certified dragon boat paddles, technologically advanced stand up paddling (SUP)paddles and much mor

Why SUP boarding sport is becoming more and more popular?

Stand up paddle(SUP) boarding was an ancient method of transportation. But today it’s used more than for travelling and transporting. It has become a trendy way for people across the country to spend time on water.

SUP boarding got its start as a water sport in Hawaii, and today it has become the popular water sport in many sea beach countries. Sports enthusiasts love about this SUP boarding sport is that, it can be played and enjoyed in almost any body of water. While surfing in SUP boards require certain level of flexibility, simple SUP boards can be enjoyed by kids, other adults and every one in between. Beauty of a SUP paddle boarding is its simplicity. It’s only about you, your SUP board and your paddle.

One of the main reason that SUP boarding continued to be the popular water sport is, because of various types of SUP boards available today. All round SUPs, Surf board SUPs, Race SUPs, Tour SUPs are some of the popular SUPs available today in the market. Beginners in the paddle boarding sport need to buy SUP paddles and boards of basic type, and not a surf or race SUP. All round SUPs or Tour SUPs will generally suit them as these can simply be used in flat waters.

More recently inflatable SUPs have got their popularity because they are light in weight, can be easily transported, durable and can be stored in any place. Due to demand of SUP boards and paddles, many online stores are selling SUP boards and SUP paddles online. They offer customized paddles and boards to their customers in many parts of the world.

Today, various types of customized SUP paddles for sale can be found in general or online SUP stores. Online SUP stores are even selling SUP paddles which have T grip at the ending. This provide paddlers a good grip. So if you are interested in buying a SUP board and paddle to enjoy the water sport, you can contact our experts.

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