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Paddleboarding Accessories

Paddleboarding Accessories

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How SUP paddle boarding emerged as a popular water sport?

Standup paddle boarding also called as stand up paddle surfing (SUP) is relatively a new water sport but slowly gaining its popularity. It is an outdoor activity and you stand up on the surf board and use a long paddle to move on the water. It’s a water sport that provides great outing to people of all age groups. It can be enjoyed in placid waters, rivers, lagoons, seas, and almost all water bodies.

Development of Standup paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding started in 1960’s in Hawaii. Hawaii boys’ surfed on the waves and took pictures of themselves and their friends. Later in 60’s, SUP was adopted by athletes for a good core work-out. They enjoyed this sport and ended up in conducting races and competitions of standup paddleboarding. Modern day riders are taking challenge and are practicing the sport in rushing rivers and high tide waves. In this way, SUP boarding has become a popular watersport for people across the globe.

Equipments needed for Standup paddle boarding

To enjoy stand up paddle boarding people need to buy SUP paddles and boards, which are the main equipments for this game. Variety of SUP boards are available in the market, such as surf board SUPs, touring board SUPs, racing board SUPs, and so on. It is essential to choose the right board according to weight and expertise in this game. Recently, inflatable boards have also taken the riders by storm due to its benefits in using and make the game thrilling.

Benefits of Stand up paddle boarding

SUP paddles for sale can be found in online stores in different colors, shapes, and length. It is essential for users to choose right length paddles with customized color and materials to increase excitement in the game. The game has found to improve balance, reduces stress, and provides a full-body workout.

There is a growing demand of strong, stiff, light-weight, and beautiful paddles in market. There are several companies providing SUP paddles online at affordable prices. Paddles are made from carbon fiber to be light, strong, and resists abusive use in the game. Contact us to buy paddles and other SUP accessories at affordable prices now.

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