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Paddleboarding Accessories

Paddleboarding Accessories

Designer and manufacturer of aquatic sporting paddles, IDBF certified dragon boat paddles, technologically advanced stand up paddling (SUP)paddles and much mor

How to Choose Ideal SUP Paddles?

How to Choose Ideal SUP Paddles?

Choosing an ideal SUP paddle helps to make paddleboarding fun and thrilling. If you love paddleboarding, it is essential to select a top quality paddle based on your expertise and purposes. Paddles are used to stroke and cruise while riding on the board. A heavy paddle tires the arms in rowing. Whether you’re learning paddleboarding, racing, touring, you need to buy sup paddles based on your requirements. It is essential to consult an expert first before making the decision of buying. But, after reading this, you won’t need to consult an expert to take your decision.

Select paddles based on the use and purpose

The paddles are generally divided into two groups: paddles for the surfing and paddles for touring. For a long distance touring, using a lighter, stronger and an ideal length paddle is need for the riders. If you’re learning the game practicing in the flat water, it is essential to use a lighter and small paddles to avoid tiring the arms. Select the paddles based on the rider’s height: 10-12 inches taller in racing, 8-10 inch taller in cruising on the flat water, and 6-8 inch taller in surfing. Buy SUP paddles online to get the products at suitable prices to use in the game. Usually, large blade paddles are used in surfing or flat water paddling and small blade for cruising or racing. Getting the ideal paddles help in increasing the fun and enjoyment in the game.

Select the Paddles based on materials

The paddles found in the market are made from fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastic. The fiberglass is used in making shaft and blade. It is light, stiff and helpful to get a good balance. Wood is used for crafting the paddles, it is light and provides a warm touch. Aluminum and plastic paddles are heavier but cheap. Buy SUP paddles for sale made from carbon fiber with higher durability and adjustable or fixed shaft. The carbon fiber paddles are light in weight and strong to resist the daily abuse of the riders. Buy SUP paddles from this portal at affordable prices now.

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